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FAQ's - Collision Repair Services

Q: What is the warranty on your work?

A: We offer a 36 month warranty on vehicle repair and our warranty on paint is as long as you own your vehicle. All parts and any sub-contract repairs are warranted by the manufacturer or service provider. Rust repairs are not warranted.

Q: Do you only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts?

A: Yes, we typically use OEM parts (however, it is often cost effective to use OEM recycled parts or generic parts and we will do so if you approve).

Q: How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

A: Based on our repair estimate, we can provide you a completion date. However, once we disassemble your vehicle, it is not uncommon to discover further damage. Should this happen, we will notify you of any change to the scheduled completion date. Our primary focus is to return your vehicle to you as quickly as possible without compromising the quality repair process. It is not uncommon for us to return a repaired vehicle to you within 3-5 days.

Q: Do you do rust repair?

A: We can do rust repair, but there is no guarantee or warranty on such work. If rust repair is done early, before the surface area is distorted, it can be effective.

Q:Will you order the parts before I drop off my vehicle for repair ?

A: Yes. In general we order the parts for your vehicle when we create the estimate and schedule it for repair.  On the day you drop off your vehicle we will typically dissemble the damaged section, validate the no further parts are required and begin the repair process. Typically we can complete the repair process and have the vehicle back to you within a few days.

Q: What is the difference between rebuilt and re-manufactured parts?

A: A part is rebuilt if it has been restored to a working state by replacing damaged components. A part is re-manufactured if it has been entirely disassembled so that its subsystems and components can be cleaned, tested, repaired, reworked or replaced and then reassembled. Typically re-manufactured parts have a much longer warranty than rebuilt parts. We typically use OEM parts.

Q: Will my vehicle ever be the same after an accident?

A: It depends primarily on the vehicles history of prior damages and the quality of the previous repair work as well as the type and severity of the damages suffered in the recent collision. Given that the vehicle has never been damaged, it is possible, with quality workmanship, to repair what may appear to a layman a badly damaged vehicle. However, a vehicle which has truly suffered major damage will typically show signs of repair which will be easily noticed by professionals, even if the repairs were made by experts.

Q: Should I have my vehicle undercoated?

A: Undercoating used to be a technique to protect your vehicle against rust and corrosion. However, the vehicles being built today are generally well protected when shipped from the manufacturer. When we have to repair or replace a panel we will restore the corrosion protective coat to the interior and exterior of all such panels. If you have an older vehicle with undercoating we can check it out and advise you if the undercoating should be replenished.

Q: What does the term betterment charge mean?

A: A betterment charge is a cost to you for replacing a worn part with a new part. Typically, such parts as tires, batteries and suspension parts are subject to betterment charges, For example, if you were in an accident after you had driven 10,000 miles and had to replace one tire; in theory the insurance company could provide a replacement tire with 10,000 miles of wear. Typically a new tire is purchased and the insurance company pro-rates the betterment charge based on the projected tire life. If a new tire cost $270.00 and has an expected life of 30,000 miles, the betterment charge could be $270* 1/3 or $90.00.

Q: Once my car's frame is bent, will it ever be right again?

A: Yes. Today's vehicles are built with uni-body construction that is the body is integrated into a single unit with the frame rather than having a separate body-on-frame as was prevalent years ago. Should a section of the frame be damaged, it can now be replaced. Our experienced technicians, can return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Q: If my vehicle's frame is damaged is it a total loss?

A: No. A car is a total loss only when the price of repairs exceeds the insurance company's current value of your vehicle. Nowadays, most vehicles are built using uni-body construction. If we determine that a frame section is bent or damaged beyond repair, that section can simply be replaced.

Q: What is an appearance allowance?

A: An appearance allowance is an offer by the insurance company of one or more dollars to forgo the repair of a minor scratch, ding or other surface abrasion to a vehicle involved in a collision. For example, if you suffered a small dent on a fender that is part of the accident claim, the insurance company may elect to offer you a certain amount of money to live with the dent. Note, not all insurance companies use appearance allowances, be sure to check your policy to determine if they do or donít use this feature.


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