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Our Collision Repair Process

When you first arrive at our shop, our team will perform an estimate on your vehicle to get the repair process started. We will:

  1. Estimate the cost for the work to be done.

  2. Forward our estimate to your insurance Company.

  3. Jointly schedule a date for work to commence once you or your insurance company approve the repairs

  4. Disassemble the vehicle and take a closer look at the damaged areas.

  5. Create a supplement report, if necessary, and send it to you or the insurer for approval. Any additional parts needed will then be ordered.

  6. Provide you with an estimated completion date as we begin the body repair process.

The auto body repairs process consists of the following steps, we will:

  1. Begin the body repair process by making sure all the necessary replacement parts are available.

  2. Assemble and align the internals and set the vehicle up on our repair equipment.

  3. Prepare and install any new panels which are primed, sealed and protected against corrosion.

  4. Inspect and test all work before the vehicle is declared ready for painting.

  5. Call you with a confirmed completion date, once the vehicle is ready for painting. Then the vehicle enters the paint & delivery process below.

 The paint and delivery process consists of the following steps, we will:

  1.  Pressure wash and clean the vehicle and then it is prepped, primed, sanded and sealed.

  2. Tape, bag, mask and blow off any latent grit and ready the panels for painting.

  3. Use a multi-step refinishing process and an acrylic urethane paint system.

  4. Re-assemble the vehicle, once all the panels are painted, and then align the wheels.

  5. Test drive the vehicle to be sure everything is working properly.

  6. Notify you that all repairs are complete and confirm the pickup date.


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