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FAQ's - Paying for Collision Repair Services

Q: What do I do with the check I received from my Insurance Company?

A: Deposit it in your bank, then when you pick up your vehicle you will owe us the amount of the check you deposited plus your deductable amount.  Otherwise, you can sign the check over to us, and then when you pick up your vehicle you will only owe us the deductable amount.

Q: What if a lien holder is also listed on the check I receive from my Insurance Company?

A: Since the lien holder, typically a bank, holds title to the vehicle, show them our estimate and have them sign off on the check prior to picking up your vehicle. They may ask for the check to be stamped by Elite Body Works. "For Deposit Only."

Q: Who do I pay my deductible to?

A: Your deductable is paid to us when you pick up your vehicle

Q: Who pays the tow bill?

A: Elite Body Works will pay for the tow bill when the vehicle is delivered to us, then we will bill your Insurance Company. If there is no insurance company involved we will add the tow bill amount to the final repair bill as it is a cost associated with the accident.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept Insurance checks signed over to Elite Body Works and/or your, personal checks up to $10,00.00, VISA, Master Card, Discover or cash.

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