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FAQ's - Painting Your Vehicle

Q: Can you match my paint color?

A: Yes, although today's vehicles are painted using a multi-stage process knows as basecoat/clearcoat we have the capability to match any color and return your vehicle looking like "New."

Q: Do you have trouble matching pearl finishes?

A: No, we can match any multi-stage finish.

Q: Can I have my vehicle painted in a different color?

A: Yes, you may select any color you wish. However, changing the color can increase the cost of the repair work. For example if you make a major color change you will have to have the interior of the doors, hood, trunk, door jambs and the engine compartment painted. This requires disassembling more components and increases the cost of the paint job.

Q: How should I take care of a newly painted vehicle?

A: We recommend you wash the vehicle weekly for the first month. You should wash the vehicle by hand with cold water and a weak car wash solution. It is best to use an old cotton t-shirt or other soft cloth. It is also best if you wash your vehicle in the shade. Also, you should not have your vehicle waxed for at least 60 days.

Q: How soon can I wash my vehicle after it has been painted?

A: You can wash your car right away with cool water and a very mild car wash solution. But, be sure to wait 60 days before waxing.

Q: What kind of paint do you use?

A: We use Standox urethane paints. Most vehicles manufactured since the early 80s use urethane paints as they last longer, resist fading and are far superior to the enamel and lacquers paints used previously.

Q: Can you replace a clearcoat finish?

A: Yes, today most vehicles are finished in a two stage process known as "basecoat/clearcoat." The first stage, the basecoat, is composed of 2 -4 coats of colored urethane paint. The second stage, the clearcoat, is composed of 2 -4 coats of clear urethane paint. The clearcoat gives the vehicle a deep glossy finish and protection from ultraviolet rays.

Q: What is paintless dent repair?

A: Paintless dent repair (PDR) essentially pops dents back out without disturbing the paint. It can be a very effective way to remove minor dents from your vehicle's metal surfaces with the use of special tools. Paintless dent repair can be the right choice for an individual dent when the paint is still unbroken and for many hail damaged vehicles. However, it doesn't work for vehicles that have been previously painted, dents where the paint has been broken, dents that are larger than a quarter or large quantities of dents in a small concentrated area.


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