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FAQ's - Collision Repair Insurance Claims

Q: Can I choose any collision repair facility to handle my repairs?

A: Yes, if you choose us you can be assured your vehicle will be repaired to factory specifications and will be returned to you in pre-accident condition.

Q: I want my car repaired but the insurance company wants to "total it", what can I do?

A: Insurance companies usually give you two choices. One, you can accept a payment based on the current retail value of your vehicle plus and fees for title transfer or taxes, or two, you can or keep your vehicle and receive a payment equal to its current retail value less its salvage value. Typically the insurance company estimates the salvage values as 15-20% of the retail value.

Q: Who reports the accident to the insurance company?

A: It is your responsibility to report the accident to your insurance company. Contact your Insurance Agent as soon as possible to report the accident. You also need to report the accident to the State of Massachusetts if property damage exceeds $500.

Q: What is the responsibility of the Insurance Agent?

A: The Insurance Agent, the person that sold you the policy, is responsible for initiating the claims process. The agent should be notified as soon as possible after an accident.

Q: What is the responsibility of the Insurance Adjuster?

A: The Insurance Adjuster or often called the Appraiser or Claims Representative reviews the damage to your vehicle and estimates the cost to repair your vehicle.

Q: What is a Total Loss?

A: A "Total Loss" occurs when the damage to your vehicle exceeds the current value of your vehicle as calculated by your Insurance Company. In this case your insurance company will issue you a check for that value less any deductable or other fees or charges to settle the claim.

Q: Can I fax my insurance estimate to you?

A: Yes, our Fax number is 617-522-1893. We will order parts in advance of your appointment directly from your insurance estimate. Should we have any questions we will call you for answers.

Q: Where do I get a claim number?

A: Claim numbers are issued by your insurance company when you report the accident. If you need help, we will be glad to assist you.

Q: Do I have to use the repair facility my insurance company recommends?

A: No, we will work for you with any of the major insurance companies and act in your best interest to provide quality repair and return your vehicle in pre-accident condition.

Q: Do I have to pay any more if the insurance company's estimate is less that your estimate?

A: No, your insurance carrier must negotiate in good faith with the repair facility you choose. We work with most major insurance carriers and will explain to them why our estimate may be greater than theirs and negotiate a reasonable compromise.


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